Where Should be Cabinet Door Handles Mounted

Posted on October 17, 2016 by Peter Leslie

If you are no longer satisfied with the appearance of your current cabinets, it's time to change their look. Of course, anther easier option is to buy new cabinets, but what for? You can achieve a more attractive look of your current cabinets without replacing them into new ones and with no need to pay much money.

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your cabinets and drawers is to decorate them with stylish cabinet door handles and knobs. Luckily, the modern market offers a wide range of materials, sizes and designs of these hardware pieces, so it's rather an easy responsibility to select proper hardware items. The latter will undoubtedly not only enhance the functionality of your existing storage area, but will perfectly complement the current decor of your room at the same time reflecting your personal style and taste. Very frequently people intend to properly combine several articles in the room with the help of correctly chosen hardware. This will also help to create the look of a professionally designed and decorated room.

The choice of the right cabinet door handles and knobs is not the only way to display your personal style. It's also highly important to determine the right placement of these significant parts, as they can greatly influence the design and functionality of the room. So, how and where should they be mounted? Let's discuss this problem in detail.

Well, cabinet door handles and pulls can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A great number of contemporary homeowners prefer to install a pull or a handle horizontally on drawers. The same piece can be located on the cabinet in a vertical position.

New hardware pieces can be mounted on drawers separately in the center of the drawer, for instance. You can also install a pair of knobs or pulls if you have a somewhat wider drawer. Generally speaking, your decision should be determined by your individual appeal and stability of the piece of furniture.

After you have determined the most suitable orientation of installation of your hardware pieces, you'll have to decide on the perfect location of cabinet door handles. First of all, these articles should be easy to reach for the user. Ensure that there is enough space near these articles for the drawer or cabinet to be able to open completely in order to avoid possible damage of nearby appliances.

Before your drill the first hole, determine the symmetry of the final design. All people have drawers, cabinets, and doors of different sizes, so consider the features of your items particularly. Try to create an ideal visual effect for the hardware not to be unbalanced or distracting. For instance, cabinets over the refrigerator and above the stove are rather high, thus, a door pull located about one third way from the bottom won't prove to be practical in functionality. It can even become a real eyesore for you with such placement.

If your drawer is too narrow it may look rather strange with two handles, but a wider drawer will get the perfect appearance and functionality with this number of cabinet door handles that will contribute to its stability.

Fortunately, cabinet hardware of high quality is available in different styles and patterns for you to choose from, including in handles, knobs and pulls which are also represented in different sizes. Don't be afraid to experiment and reach the best result you're expecting for in proper placement and mounting of cabinet door handles.